For fourteen years, Marketing With Distinction, LLC has been helping companies foster connections with three important stakeholders:  clients, job candidates, and the community.


Connect with Clients

Target marketing, added value and competitive differentiation are the three critical components of a successful marketing plan.  We help both new and existing companies define, refine and execute their client marketing and stakeholder communications strategies.  

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Connect with Candidates

We offer companies a unique combination of marketing and talent sourcing expertise.  Services include:

  • Workforce Analysis and Recruiting Strategy
  • Employment Branding and Marketing
  • Continuous Talent Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Outsourced Talent Provider/Subcontractor

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Connect with the Community

American companies spend over $1 billion annually on cause marketing.  By connecting with a relevant cause or charity, companies raise awareness and generate revenue for them and the cause.  It's a win/win partnership.  We help companies:

  • Define the right partnership
  • Conduct research and facilitate introductions
  • Create a cause marketing campaign
  • Write grants and seek sponsors

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Who are our Clients?

  • Small-Medium Sized Business Owners (with annual sales up to $100 million) that need help growing revenues and/or staffing for growth or replacement.
  • Marketing/Communications Directors of large corporations (Annual revenues of $100 million+)  seeking help with marketing communications projects.
  • Recruiters or Human Resource Directors of large companies looking for a recruitment partner to reduce time-to-hire, and fill open positions in sales, marketing, communications, finance and human resources.
  • Executive Directors of charitable organizations looking for help with fundraising, grantwriting, special events, sponsorships, and partnerships.